Hello There!

I'm Mishal Soni

A full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur and a person who helps you reach the destination that you want to be.  

Hello There!

I'm Mishal Soni

A full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur and a person who helps you reach the destination that you want to be.  

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Hello There!

I'm Mishal Soni

A full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur and a person who helps you reach the destination that you want to be.  

A boy born with a box of wishes, who has nothing more than a passion and dream to become a top blogger of the world, and he is born to do it. He has the strongest desire to create a socially aware digital empire that touches millions of people in the coming days. And it has also started.

He is from a small city of Chhattisgarh (a lovely state of India). By qualification, he is a master degree holder and a passionate blogger by heart. Currently, he is running a few other blogs also apart from this, from which he generates as much money as probably could not earn by doing a job.

Let me first introduce you about this blog, I will tell my story later on.

Blogging Excel BLUEPRINT

Want to know how we build Blogging Excel behind the scenes?

What Blogging Excel is All About

Blogging Excel is a blog who provide you the best knowledge about blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO tips and how to make money online also. Blogging Excel is the one-stop destination for those who want to learn how can money be earned by availing the potential of Blogging.

In short, you will get some actionable strategies on Blogging Excel that will provide you the right direction for your online journey, and at the same times, you will be able to get more profits from this trip.

I started this blog on October 8, 2018 (The previous version of this blog – as name WpMishal.com) for learning and sharing the best knowledge of Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and making money online. It doesn’t mean that I am in the blogging field since 2018 rather I’m doing it since 2016.

After working for a long time in this field, I found blogging is the best way for learning and sharing our knowledge with the world. It is also an excellent medium for making money.

After I saying this, You might be thinking, can Blogging actually generate money?

My answer is a BIG YES!

For Example, many well-known bloggers are in front of you who earn good money from their blogs, such as Darren Rowse from Problogger, Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud and many others. I also make decent money from my blogs.

So what is the idea behind starting this blog?

The idea behind starting this blog is to help people who interested in learning Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and who want to make money online with genuine way.

That’s it all.🙂

Want to Get Blogging Tips From Me?

Then join the blogging Excel family right now. I would be glad to get a family member like you.

A Little about Me and My Story

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all about mishal soni

Let’s go back in 2008, After scoring good in the 10th examination, I wanted to take admission in 11th class with the Computer Science.

But due to the adverse financial condition of my parents, I did not get admission in a good school. And finally, I had to enroll in the Govt School of my village with Biology-stream(normal-science group).

After all, I completed my graduation in some way. But till then I did not know anything about blogging because my entire studies were only for getting a govt job.

After completing my post graduation, I had to face many difficulties to get a job. 

Being a student of Science, I joined  a diploma course in the paramedical field in the desire of the job.

After the diploma, I joined Govt Eligibility Test, in which my result was at the top of the list. But for some reason, I did not get a job.

It was a gloomy period of my life because I didn’t understand what should I do in my life.

It all started here…

Due to not being a job, I started spending most of my time on the Internet. That is where I got inspiration for blogging. Also from the Internet, I came to know how a good amount of money can be earned through blogging.

So after that, I started my blog (not Blogging Excel) and started working on it. In some days I even ranked it on Google’s first page and through Google AdSense, I started earning well.

I remember that my first website was based on a Job niche, in which I used to provide updates about upcoming state-level jobs.

After that, I created many blogs/sites and learned a lot from them.

After learning a lot, I thought of sharing my experiences with everyone, and then I started this blog Blogging Excel.

In short, I Love Blogging, I Love Sharing knowledge and that’s why Blogging Excel is my dream blog.

So if you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. You can also drop a mail at:

mishal [at] bloggingexcel [dot] com

Thanks for reading about me and good luck for your blogging journey!

A Friend of Yours

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