Blogging Vs YouTube: Which Is the Best for Making Money [Updated]

Today I,m going to discuss a common and Frequently Asked Question, Blogging vs YouTube: Which is the best for Make Money Online?

First of all, I want to ask a question to you.

Do you want to make money online?

I know your answer will be a big YES.

Now when comes to online earning, we have only two options at first, either blogging or YouTube.

But what would be better for you both of these?

Don’t worry! In this post, I will help you to overcome all your confusions.

Let’s begin!

Blogging vs YouTube: From the Point of Making Money Online

blogging vs youtube which is best From the Point of Making Money Online

YouTube and blogging both are among the most significant ways to make money online.

If it comes to making money online then these both platforms are like two sides of a coin, you can generate a lot of income from both of these.

If you master in writing and as well as can make videos full of useful information too then, I want to say that you should start both of these. You can make money online from both platforms.

But if you don’t want to start both the YouTube channel and the Blog then read this article till the end.

First of all, let’s begin with knowing a little bit about YouTube and Blogging.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a leading video-sharing platform from Google, in which you can upload any type of videos (except some taboo contents) and view them from any corner of the world.

Probably you will not know that about 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube, from which it gets more than 3 million visitors per day.

Shocked! But it is a fact.

Now you can get an idea of ​​how much money you can earn from here.

For uploading videos on it, you must have a YouTube Channel. You can easily create your own YouTube Channel in just 5 minutes. For this, you need only a Gmail account.

youtube vs blogging: how to start your own youtube channel

YouTube: As a Way to Earn Money:

On YouTube not only you can upload and share your videos but also this platform gives you the opportunity to monetize your videos by placing ads.

Whenever anyone clicks on ads while watching your video, you will get some money.

YouTube is one of the best and easiest way to earn money online. I know a YouTube creator guy of my city who makes more than about $100-200 a day from his YouTube channel.

$200 is a huge amount.

Earning Opportunity with YouTube:

The most prominent means of making money from YouTube channel is AdSense. Apart from this, you can earn good money from many other methods. such as-

  • AdSense.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Now it is the turn of blogging.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a way of sharing knowledge and opinion just like YouTube. The only difference is that here you share your knowledge and messages in written form.

Through blogging you can share many types of information, you can also sell your physical and downloadable products as well. It means you can do everything you imagine with your blog.

People are still confused that creating a blog is a very complex task, but now it is not so. You can easily create a beautiful blog within 15 minutes.

Blogging: As a Way to Earn Money-

Frankly, you can not imagine how much money you can make through blogging. It does not matter how many visitors come to your blog every day, if only 1,000 visitors come daily on your blog, and they are all targeted, then you can earn more than the revenue of a YouTube channel that has completed its one million subscribers.

This is a fact!

Well, for many bloggers, AdSense is the only way to earn money, it can make money for you, but it can’t make a lot. You can increase your earning resources through Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship and a lot of other ways.

blogging earning resources

Earning Opportunity with Blogging:

  • AdSense.
  • Other ads networks like- and Infolinks.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Direct ads placement.
  • And a lot of other options.

So far we have known about the opportunity for making money from blogging and YouTube now let us know some similarities and differences between YouTube vs Blogging.

Similarities between Blogging vs YouTube:

There are several small similarities between Blogging vs YouTube, which I have explained in some points below.

1. Both Require Original Content:

You must have original content for both YouTube and blogging.

I know you think that how it is possible whereas there are so many contents already published on both platforms related to your niche you want.

It is not a troubling question.

You can make the same videos of blogs content in your own style; it will by your original content.

2. You Need to Learn a Lot for Both:

You have to learn a lot to work on both platforms. It doesn’t matter how much information you have in your niche area. The matter is how you can explain it.

Along with it, you always have to see what kind of content is in demand because if you are making a video on such content or writing a blog which is not searchable at all, then your hard work is worthless.

3. Both Demand Hard Work:

Both platforms demand a lot of hard work from you.

In fact, creating content, whether to create a video or to write an article both are a very tough and time-consuming task.

In both, you have to do a lot of research before creating content. Sometimes it happens that you have to spend 18 hours of a day in front of the Laptop.

4. Both Take a Lot of Time to Deliver Results:

Remember that, both of them take a lot of time to deliver results. In the beginning, you may find that there is no one to see your videos or blogs. But if you have done SEO of your blog contents or your YouTube videos correctly, even if it takes a while, you will definitely get the result.

5. Both Demand Some Investment:

Although you can start both without money at the beginning, you can make videos for YouTube from your mobile and headphones, and for making a blog, you can create a blog for free using Google’s service.

But if you want professionalism in your work, then you need some investment for both of them.

For example, you need a good camera, lighting system, and a mic for your YouTube videos. On the other hand, you need self-hosted WordPress blog for professional blogging, and for this, you have to spend money on hosting and a good theme.

6. Blogging vs YouTube: As a Way of Money Making:

You can earn good money from both platforms. Both of these are just one of the best ways to make you rich. But keep in mind, if you want to become wealthy overnight, then there is no such way that you become a millionaire in one night. You have to give time to this.

Let’s also know some differences between YouTube vs Blogging.

Differences Between Blogging vs YouTube:

Here I have introduced some significant differences between Blogging vs YouTube as table form so that you can understand it well.

You don’t need to spend money in any way to upload videos to youtube. It means YouTube does not take any amount from you to host your videos.For blogging, you will have to pay for the hosting and domain name. You can also start a blog for free using service.
Here you can upload only video content.You can create and upload any types of content like- Textual format, video, images, and audio format too.
You can not design this platform according to you.You can design and customize your blog according to your need and imagination with the help of theme and some plugins.
You can only run your YouTube channel, but it is entirely owned by Google means Google can delete your channel whenever want.With a self-hosted blog, you are the only single owner of your blog. You have complete control over your blog.
To make money online from YouTube, you have very few options available compared to Blog. To make money online from the Blog, you have a lot of options available compared to YouTube.
You have only AdSense as an ads network.You have a lot of ads networks available like AdSense, Infolinks,
Here you can show the utility of your products practically. This is a good strategy to build customers.Using the blog it is a bit difficult.

I think after reading till here, you have understood the differences between YouTube vs Blogging, your confusion has gone away.

But apart from this, there is another big thing about which I want to discuss here briefly…

Blogging and YouTube: Is It Great to Do Both Tasks Together Regarding “Make Money Online”?

Now you have known that The Blogging is incredible, it can make money more than your expectation. On the other side, we can not ignore YouTube too because it is the best way to connect with people.

So can’t we do these two together?

If you are obsessive to do both YouTube and Blogging at the same time and can work hard for both as well as if you can give time for both too, then nothing can be better than it.

You can connect with people through YouTube and from there you can refer them to your blog (which can be a business for yours).

It will give you two benefits. First of all, you will be able to raise traffic for your both works and also you can make money online through both platforms.😊

Now it’s Your Turn:

After reading this article Blogging vs YouTube, I hope, and I am sure also that your whole confusion will have gone far away. Now you can select a suitable platform according to your ability and need.

If you want you can choose both together.

If there is any other doubt in your mind yet, then don’t hesitate to tell us through the comment. And if you enjoyed reading this article, kindly give it a share. Your one share encourages us to continue writing good stuff for you.

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30 thoughts on “Blogging Vs YouTube: Which Is the Best for Making Money [Updated]”

  1. Hey nice article but according to me people dont read article that much nowadays for example lets take a keyword on “how to root android devices” we have both the options

    1. Watch a video
    2. Read an article

    What will you prefer to do?

    Me: I will prefer to watch a video because it is an easy task than reading article no doubt blogger makes much more money but many youtubers are also earning a lot of money and of course Indian youtuber also. My friend has bought a bmw from his youtube income.
    What do you think about that?

    • Hello Divyam, Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, it is true that people like to watch a video more than reading an article, but it is also true that the number of people who read the article will never be less. As far as earning comes, I don’t say that you cannot earn enough money from YouTube. Instead, I have also told about a friend of mine in this article who makes about $200 a day. Yes, you can make even more money from blogging, but you have to adopt other ways besides AdSense for it like- Affiliate Marketing.

  2. Hello Mishal bro,

    Thank you for this fantastic article. Loved the way you have explained them.

    It would be great if you could also include the list of niches that are in high demand on both YouTube and Blogging. This could help your readers in multiple ways.

  3. Thank you so much for this great information Mishal Soni, it was very informative. You explained everything so well. I am encouraged to push on with my ideas and goals after seeing this Post. I really appreciate the in-depth description of the pros and cons of blogging vs Youtube. Of course, I plan to do both in the order that you suggested!!!! I will probably start with the blog first then Youtube.

  4. It’s a wonderful post and very helpful, thanks for all this information,
    You are including better information regarding this topic in an effective way.
    Thank you so much

  5. Great article. Thanks for the helpful information.I think both methods are beginner friendly if combined of course with persistence and a positive mindset.

  6. I would say that both Youtube and Blogging are very good options for making money online.

    However, I wouldn’t advise that a newbie should get into either of them for the sole aim of making money, one has to have passion in order to excel in either of both ventures.

    I would also like to add that from experience, I am of the opinion that Blogging is more difficult than Youtube, it’s easier to make a video and upload than it takes to type a 2000-word article.

    Nice article you’ve made here anyways, keep it up.

    • You are right saying blogging is the best option than YouTube channel because there is more options of monetization stratgies and your hardest work can not be ignore you can apply for other advertising network, so i loved to do blogging write write and write best stories,

  7. Hello Mishal,

    It is an interesting article. You did mention the ways of making money like through marketing and catching advertisements on your blog whether it is youtube or blogging. My question is what are the ways for the money get transferred to your account?
    I mean what is the mechanism?

  8. I would say that both Youtube and Blogging are very good options for making money online.

    However, I wouldn’t advise that a newbie should get into either of them for the sole aim of making money, one has to have passion in order to excel in either of both ventures.

    I would also like to add that from experience, I am of the opinion that Blogging is more difficult than Youtube, it’s easier to make a video and upload than it takes to type a 2000-word article.

    Nice article you’ve made here anyways, keep it up.

  9. Hi Soni,
    Thank you. This article is inspired me. After reading it, I’m going to do both of them for increasing my sales.

  10. Very nice @mishal.
    Both are good platform and money making platform as well.
    You did a nice job creating this awesome and easy to understand differences.
    Actually i’m confused before Read this post but now all things clear.
    Thanks bhai.

  11. Well written article bro.

    For me YouTube makes more money as it’s easy get more views.

    But the revenue share is less on YouTube than on blog which really makes a big difference if you have equal amount of traffic on both platform.

    Huge traffic will definitely help blog performing better than YouTube.


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