How to Get Your Blog Noticed in 2019? 13 Proven Ways to Get Readers

How to get your blog noticed? This is a frequently asked question by beginners.

Is that your question too?

Well, there is no magical formula for that, but if you follow some right strategies, it is not a big deal too.

Today I’m going to share some most powerful strategies, by following which you can easily get your blog noticed within a month or less.

So let’s dive right in.

Chapter – 1

Help Search Engines to Notice Your Blog

If you want to get people to read your blog, then it should be your first step to check that search engines like Google and Bing are indexing your blog.

Let’s see how you can check it.

Go to any search engine like Google or Bing, and search by typing “Site:” at the search bar.

Now on SERP, you will see all the pages of your blog that are being indexed by the search engines.

Like this example-

How to check that google is indexing your site or not

If you are not able to see the links of your blog in this search result page, then you really need to do something about it.

First of all, you have to check that somehow you have not accidentally turned off the search engine visibility of your blog.

To check it, Go to Your WordPress Dashboard – Setting – Click Reading option.

Here you can see an option of Search Engine Visibility, like this image-

check the search engine visibility of your site

If you have ticked this checkbox, then it means that you have discouraged the search engines from indexing your site.

Uncheck it and save your changes.

And if you have not checked this box, then you are safe, you can go ahead.

Apart from this, all search engines provide webmasters a facility to index their site through which they can rank their blog easily.

Yes! Search Console, aka webmaster tool.

How to use google search console for index your blog

Here you have to create an account and get your domain verified.

After verification, search engines will able to find and index your blog.

To know more about how to use the Search Console, you can follow the link.

Also, Search engine optimization is the formula, with the help of which you can make your blog optimized for search engines.

Apart from these, the production of quality content consistently also helps your readers stay on your blog.

So let’s discuss it.

Chapter – 2

Consistently Produce Quality Content

Here you might be thinking how consistently content production helps to drive traffic on your blog.

But yes, it helps.

It has been seen that people like to go to that blog repeatedly, where they get to read something new and valuable every time.

And if we talk about search engines, they also help to rank those blogs that are updated continuously.

It doesn’t mean that I am saying that you publish an article on your blog every day.

Instead, you should make a compulsory schedule for it. If you want, you can schedule an article publishing per week or every two weeks or once per month.

Yes, in some cases you may have to do it every day.

It is all up to you how quickly you can provide new and valuable content to your readers.

But you have to follow your schedule firmly.

Chapter – 3

Build Your Own Writing Style

You may have felt at times that when you read any particular blog post, you are lost in it and enjoy reading.

After all, why does this happen with just a few blogs?

It is because you like the writing style of that blog post.

Some bloggers’ writing tones are so intuitive and funny that they are able to separate themselves from the crowd, and due to their writing tone, people want to read their every content.

So how should you write your content that you can easily get your blog noticed in 2019?

Here are some tips for you-

Write your article in the conversational style – The style of your writing should be conversational so that anyone who reads your blog feels that you wrote this blog post only for him.

It will make him feel like you are sitting in front and talking to him.

Like this-

write your article on conversational style so that your blog can easily get noticed in 2019

Keep your paragraph short- If we compare offline and online reading, these two are entirely different.

If you use longer paragraphs in online articles, people will get bored in reading your article. Like this example-

don't use long paragraph on your blog

Instead, if you use shorter paragraphs, then you will be able to get more people’s attention. As this one –

Shorter paragraph helps to get queckly your blog post noticed in 2019

Make sure that you write 2 to 3 sentences in each paragraph no more than that.

Use some funny words- Try to include some such funny words in your article so that even after your lengthy article, your readers will not be bored to read it.

Practice writing every day- To be perfect in any work, it is only by doing that work again and again.

Don’t think about blog length: Whenever you write a blog post, do not think about its length at all, write everything that completes your post, because the ideal length of a blog post is the same that clear what you want to explain, not the word count.

This is also something like that, the more you practice to write, the more you will get the mastery in the art of writing.

So keep writing, and be a perfect writer.

Chapter – 4

Start Using All-in-One SEO Tools like SEMrush

If you really want to get your blog noticed as soon as possible in 2019, then you should use an ALL-IN-ONE SEO tool that can help you with it.

And SEMrush is the only SEO tool that is capable of meeting all your SEO related needs.

SEMrush is used by more than 3 million people all over the world. Not only that but also big companies like eBay use it and advice.

Now let’s know how you can get your blog noticed using it.

Keyword Research: SEMrush provides you the world’s best keyword research tools. It shows you the actual search volume and ranking difficulty of your keywords, as well as the URLs that are already ranking on that keyword.

It also shows a lot of phrase match and related keywords based on your search keywords so that you can use a lot of similar keywords in one article.

Competitor analysis: SEMrush can give you a Detail Analysis report of any domain or URL so that you can quickly get a lot of information about that URL like main keywords, Backlinks, traffic report, etc.

And you can use all this information to make your blog popular.

Site Audit: Through its site audit feature, you can easily find out the health and SEO related issues of your site and remove them so that Google does not disrupt your blog’s ranking due to an unknown problem.

Apart from these, it offers a lot more features so that you can keep moving continuously, like keyword position tracking, social media tracker, on-page SEO checker, Ad builder, and much more.

Try SEMrush for FREE as a trial.

Well, it comes with three pricing options-

  1. Pro – price $99.95 per month.
  2. Plus- price $199.95 per month.
  3. Business- price $399.95 per month.

And as a blogger, I always advise you to start with its pro plan.

But before taking any plan, you can try it for free for 7-days as a reader of Blogging Excel blog.

Chapter – 5

Give Links to Others’ Blog on Your Blog Post

You might be wondering how it will help you.

But it will…

It is one of the best methods to get your blog noticed quickly.

Whenever you give a link to others’ blogs, they always get a pingback message from which they know that you have given them a link in your blog post.

Linking is the best way to create new relationships with other bloggers and to get love from them….

… because you have to understand that you will not get any attention from people as long as other bloggers do not notice you.

Let’s know how it will help you.

When you link to another blogger in your blog, sometimes it happens that they share that blog post with their audience and social media community.

And it’s a great chance to be popular.

It can give you a ton of referral traffic in a single day.

So, I think that now you may have understood how powerful this method is.

Chapter – 6

Comment on Others’ Blogs

Whenever you publish your blog post, browse other blogs related to your niche, and leave comments in related articles.

Readers who come to that blog if like your comment, then it is highly likely that they will click on your name and come to your blog post.

It doesn’t mean that you just say “Great post, thanks for this” everywhere and leave your link.

Like this-

comment spamming

It is comment spamming, don’t do that.

Instead, you should make sure that you are providing value in your comment, if possible, then add your points in that article so that the readers of that blog can get more information.

For example, you can see this comment on one of my blog posts “How to come up with new blog post ideas” left by Navin Rao in which they also added their valuable points and thoughts. –

How to get your blog noticed in 2019 by commenting

If the comments you left will be filled with values ​​in the same way, then there is no doubt that you will come to the notice of that blogger and get people to read your blog from there.

Here are some tips for commenting on the blog by Amy, read it.

Chapter – 7

Guest blogging is really a great way to get your blog noticed. It is one of the most effective methods to get tons of people to read the blog.

So, how does guest posting help?

When you guest post on any other blog, you make a road to your blog for those people or readers of that blog who didn’t know you yet.

It will be very likely that you will receive a ton of traffic from there.

A great guest post not only helps you get traffic but also helps you to create links to your blog and generate email subscribers and sales.

Tips for writing a guest post:

  • Always pitch a reputed blog in your niche, which has a broad and established audience than yours.
  • Always check that the guest posts you are writing should not be less than your own blog post in terms of quality. (Many bloggers make this mistake.)
  • Try to link your blog post in the middle of your guest blog, because the link given in the middle of the blog post is better than that of the Author Bio.
  • Once your guest post is published, join the discussion in the comment section so that more people are familiar with you and visit your blog.
  • And the list goes on.

Now you need to know how to find those sites to post a guest blog.

It is so simple, Google it –

Your keyword “guest blogging.”

Here Brian Dean has published an awesome article on guest posting, you must read it- Guest Blogging: The Definitive Guide.

Chapter – 8

Use Social Media to Get Your Blog Noticed

In today’s time, social media can not be ignored in any way. It really helps you to drive traffic on your blog, and get people to read your blog.

For this, you don’t need to do a lot of things, Just share your blog post URL on social media, whenever you publish your article.

And do it again and again in a few days interval.

But what do you think?

Only by doing so will you get your blog noticed?

No, never.

Then what to do?

You have to encourage your readers to share your blog post on their social media accounts, as well as make this process as simple as that your readers will be able to do this with just one click.

You can use any social sharing plugin to make shareable your blog URL. I use social snap for that, which comes with very simple looking social buttons, which lures people to share your blog itself.

You can see here how I simply encourage my readers to share it at the end of every blog post-

Encourage People to share your post

But even after this, if I say that I know another way to get traffic from social media, which will give you even better results, then what would you say?

Curious to know?

I call this method “give and take method.”

To use this method, you need to make your heart a bit bigger.

For this, as much as you share your own blog post on social media, you will need to share others’ blog posts more than that.

It should be like- 20% your and 80% of others.

Believe me; this formula works like a charm.

If you share others’ blog post, it is very likely that they share your blog with their readers and the community.

And it is the best way of getting social media traffic.

It clearly means that when you give something to people, you will get something in return.

Chapter – 9

Give Your Readers Something to Download for Free

Who will be there who refuses to get something for free?

There is hardly anyone like that.

Try to give them something valuable which maybe their needs.

Yes, keep in mind that what you are thinking of giving is downloadable; it can be anything like any premium WP theme, premium plugin, eBook, or premium courses.

If you want, you can do it as a giveaway on your blog.

After doing so, share it with your audience and contact with other bloggers and tell them to share it with their readers.

If the product you are giving for free is really worthwhile or a quality product then you will receive a lot of traffic and can convert them to your email subscribers as well.

It is the best method to make your blog popular very quickly.

Chapter – 10

We all know that Google wants to rank the blog on which people are coming.

So why not adopt a smart way for it.

You can get many people to read your blog by joining different online groups and forums available on the web.

Just start searching the groups and forums related to your niche on the Internet, and join it.

In the groups, find out what problems people are looking for, and try to help them, if necessary, also give the link of your blog post as a reference.

By doing this continuously, you will be able to create a good image between the crowd and also make your blog popular.

Many niche social media groups also organize the blog promotion day every week, join these threads. These threads can give your blog a ton of traffic and a lot of social shares in a single day.

Looking for these types of groups?

You can think of joining our blogging Excel Facebook Group.

Chapter – 11

Create Your Own Community

If you have to build a community of your readers, then you have to think about it.

That’s because if a reader comes to your blog, then there is no likelihood that he will come back, but if you include him in your community, you will be able to get him on your blog again and again.

You can create your own community using any free platform like you can make it as a social media group or a Facebook page.

Well, Facebook is the best choice to build a decent community because you can handle and run your private Facebook group very smoothly.

You can control everything that you do not want in your group. If you wish, you can also give different roles to different members of your group.

But after creating your own community, you always have to be active there; if you are not, then there is no use for it.

Always try to provide new information your group members, listen to their problems, help them, promote their blogs, and many more.

If you do this, then you will become a famous blogger soon.

Chapter – 12

Encourage Your Family and Friends to Read Your Blog

I know that this is not going to be of great benefit, but still, something is better than nothing.

Whenever you publish or update your article, encourage your family members and friends to read it.

Email them or contact through social media and ask them to read and share your blog posts.

I know, you must be wondering why I am just asking for family and friends here, while it may be that they are not interested in your blog.

It also has a reason.

When you are just beginning, Google does not crawl your blog so fast and does not index it until people come to read it.

And when your friends start reading it, Google will automatically begin to notice it.

Chapter – 13

Customize Your Blog Design

First of all, ask a question to yourself.

Is my blog’s design attractive?

If the design of your blog is not attractive, then no matter what kind of quality article you have written, it is useless.

Because if your audience does not like the design of your blog, then they will not even take a few seconds to get to exit from here, and maybe they will not come back.

Take a look at this blog, how cool and simple it is. Isn’t it?

I use the GeneratePress theme on this blog, which is a very lightweight and simple looking theme, as well as, I use Elementor Pro to design it so that I can make it more attractive.

So if you are also serious about getting your blog noticed quickly and making money in the future, you have to think about it.

You have to invest a little bit in designing your blog in which you can think of a premium theme and a powerful Page Builder plugin.

Also, think about it how you can make your blog simple and more readable because it is the main factor to grab people’s attention.

Bonus – 1

Promote Everywhere

It is a simple way to get our blog noticed, but we still don’t pay more attention to it.

You can promote your blog for free wherever you leave your name, like on your business card, in the email signature, in newsletters, in your social media profiles, and everywhere you leave your name.

Let’s take an example, In an email signature, you can promote your blog like this-

how to get your blog noticed with email signature

You can also take a look at my Facebook profile-

how to get your blog noticed in 2019 with your social media account bio

In this way, people can find your blog along with your name.

This method proves to be very effective in getting you a different identity.

Bonus – 2

Checklist on How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Here, I have prepared a checklist on how to get your blog noticed and get people to read it in 2019, that will definitely help you.

  1. Just use a simple-looking theme on your blog, do not make it too flashy. For this, you can use any lightweight theme like GeneratePress or any StudioPress theme with Genesis framework.
  2. If you really want to get your blog noticed in 2019, you always need to be consistent with your blog publishing schedule. It is the main factor of getting the same people to read your blog again and again.
  3. Share others’ blog post on social media more than yours. It is the best way to make a good relationship with other bloggers.
  4. Try to write at least 2 to 3 guest posts per month. This is the best way to get readers of others’ blog.
  5. Answer the questions related to your niche on any Q & A sites like Quora, and leave the links of your blog in reference. This is the best way to get genuine traffic after Google.
  6. Start using any Great SEO tool like SEMrush to analysis your competitors, and also to know about your site SEO issue, so that you can remove any small problem from your site quickly.
  7. Make your blog post shareable so that anyone can share it without any problem.


Some FAQs About How to Get Your Blog Noticed in 2019

1. All the methods mentioned in this list will also work in my Niche?

Yes! of course, It doesn’t matter which niche you are blogging in, all the methods listed here will also work for your niche. If you follow all these methods properly, you will get good results soon.

2. How long does it take to get your blog noticed?

In fact, it depends on many factors like your content quality, publishing schedule, promotion strategy, keyword difficulty, etc.

We can not say exactly, that you will get your blog noticed in 10 days or it will take a year.

It’s all depends on how serious you are about doing it.

But yes, if you do all things right then, you will find it growing in a few months.

3. Should I pay to get traffic on my blog?

It depends on what you are thinking of paying for.

If you are thinking to pay for bots, which will increase search engine rankings of your blog, then you are thinking wrong.

Yes, it will increase the ranking of your blog for a short period, but Google’s bots are also so smart, they can grab it and can penalize your blog.

And yes if you want to pay for running Ads on Google or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, then you can do it.

Additional Blogging Resources:

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this guide will help you to get your blog noticed in 2019.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which is the #1 tip of today’s article are you going to try first?

Are you going to start comment on others blog? Or maybe you’re going to start guest blogging?

Or maybe I forgot to mention one of your favorite tips.

Whatever tip you are using currently or going to try first, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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