How to Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche for Your New Blog (100+ Ideas)

Are you going to Start a Blog? – Congratulations, this is the best decision of your life.

Blogging is a fantastic field that has multiple prospects.

But do you know what is the first step to creating a profitable blog?

Buying a good hosting, registering a domain, or designing your blog?

No. These all are subsequent processes.

The first step is to choose a profitable niche for your blog.

That is why we will going to discuss today how important it is for your blog and how to find your niche in blogging.

We are also going to provide you 100+ profitable blog niche ideas so that you can start your blog ASAP.

So let’s dive in.

What is a Niche?

So what is a blogging niche exactly?

If you are completely new to the blogging field, then you hardly know what a niche is, because it is an unusual and funny word that is used very rarely.

A niche is a specific topic that your entire blog focused on, that is, whenever you write an article on your blog, it is around that main topic.

In simpler words, Niche is the topic or primary focus of your blogging. The Niche is what drives you to write the blog. It is the passion for blogging.

Once you have decided a niche, your blogging spree will be consistent and will go along a fixed path. The Niche of blogging is all you talk about in your blogs.

Okay, so are health, wealth, and relationship niches?

No, These are not. These are the core markets.

If these are markets, then what is a niche?

Niche are those that come inside these markets and are confined to one particular region.

Like in under the health market, weight loss, fitness, diet plan, yoga, etc are niches.

As same, under the wealth market, finance, business, real estate, etc. are niches.

Blogging niche is like creating a blog to deliver a particular field. The Niche blogs offer to a specific area. Your Niche can be a particular field, ethnicity, or a submarket.

Once you choose a niche, it makes it far more comfortable for you to stay in a line.

I think you must have understood what a niche is?

Now it is time to understand why it is important for your blog.

Why is a Specific Niche Important for a Blog?

When you choose a specific niche, you do not just stay focused on a topic that you are interested in, but it also has some other aspects. It helps the blog develop.

The niche is like the foundation of your blog. Once your foundation is active, you do not have to look back.

Niche helps you earn from your blogs, and that is one of the strongest points to fix a particular niche for your blog.

These are some great reasons why you should prefer choosing a specific niche –

1. Better Monetization Option-

If you are starting a blog to pass the time, then this point is not that necessary. But, if you want to make money through blogging, then you must consider choosing a niche.

The Niche can help you earn money through blogs.

It simply means that if you do niche blogging, then you will know who is your targeted audience exactly, what they want, and what they can buy from you, etc.

But if you do not do niche blogging, you will not have any targeted audience, and you will not know till the end, what your audience wants.

2. A niche keeps you on a track-

This also does not prove on which topic you have expertise in.

When you choose a particular niche, you focus on one topic. Your blogs or articles do not go around several other issues that are entirely distinct from one another. This distracts a reader; a reader would get confused about which blog to focus on.

Suppose if you write on two different topics on the same blog, the First one is how to use green coffee to reduce belly fat, and the second one is how to install the XYZ app on your mobile.

Now think, if someone comes to your first post through the search engine, he finds it very useful, but when he wants to read other articles, he will find that they are entirely different from the previous one.

Now the question is, will he consider your blog trustworthy? And would he like to visit your blog again?

Not at all.

Being on a track also helps you focus on a field of audience.

3. A niche blog gets a lot of recurring traffic-

When you start with a blog having a fixed niche, it helps you earn recurring Traffic. There is no way that you can get recurring Traffic without the help of a niche.

And when your audience has a chance to get many articles on their favorite topic in a single blog, then they will definitely come back again to your blog.

Once you start focusing on one topic, your blog contents become keen on that, and your blog get noticed very fast.

4. You can grow your followers much quicker-

You can attract super loyal readers by choosing a niche. Your readers would know your expertise; they will expect a particular type of content every time. They will see what you are going to share with them.

Once you earn their trust that you are only going to give blogs on the topics that your readers are interested in, you will have yourself some loyal readers.

And just like this, you will increase your number of followers very quickly.

5. A niche blog makes you an expert in your field-

Let’s keep yourself in the place of the reader.

Where you want to head towards when you want an answer to your question?

Obviously to someone, who is a professional and knows every bit about the field you have a query in.

When you write in the same niche, your readers will consider you as a professional and experienced in your field, and they will also come to you.

And it is true also when you blog about a particular topic; you become an expert in it.

I think by now, you must have understood how important a specific niche is for a blog.

So let us now know how you can choose a specific niche for your blog.

How to Choose a Niche to Blog About

Choosing a niche to blog about can be the hardest part, but if you follow the strategies that I mentioned here, you can choose your blogging niche very easily.

A niche is the base of your blog and you have to select it yourself. I know that you know in which niche you can be blogging very smoothly; you just need to recognize it.

One more thing, do not let others choose it for you because you will be the one who writes the articles later, no one else.

If you lose the interest to write on the topic that someone else has selected for you then the blogging game will be over for you!

At least you can look for guidelines and ways to choose the best niche for your blogging spree.

Here I’ve mentioned some quick tips on how to choose a blogging niche:

1. Make a list of things you are interested in-

To select the best Niche for your blog, you must look into yourself. The answer is in yourself.

Yes, you heard it right.

You need to look for the things that you are interested in. Things that catch your interest the most can be the things that you can make your blog about.

Think about the things that you love doing; after doing that, you feel that this is the work that you will always want to do.

It can be a fashion, eating, traveling, camping, playing games or just chilling on the beach. It can be anything.

You can even write about real estate, smart city, or politics. Your Niche about blogging can be anything that catches your attention.

If you write about something that you do not have any interest in, then your blogging will be doomed without you even knowing.

So, it is better that you draft a list of things that you are interested in. It will help you choose your profitable niche for blogging.

2. Think about books, blogs, magazines, and youtube videos you love to read and watch most of the time:

You can think about any book, magazines, YouTube channels, or even other blogs that you read or watch most of the time.

Make a list of them.

Now think, do you have enough interest in that book or youtube channel, so that you can make a blog on that topic.

Here you should not think that how it can be a niche, everything available in this world can be a niche. If the video has been published on that topic or the book has been written, then that topic will definitely be a good niche.

Blogging is a vast field and can help you become a professional in your area. You can become popular among your readers.

You have to keep the blogs real, relatable and informative. And bam! You have yourself an audience that is always ready for your blogs.

Just find your passion and interest, and you are good to go.

3. Make a list of broad markets and think about which submarkets and niches are within these markets:

After you have shortlisted the markets, you can make a list of the sub-markets and then the sub-sub-markets that come under those general markets.

For example, Health is a market, and Yoga is a sub-market under it, and yoga for pregnant women is the sub-sub-market under yoga.

Make a list of these types of sub-markets and sub-sub-markets.

Check whether the niches that you have chosen come under these submarkets.

Now think about them one by one, is this what you know well and on which a profitable blog can be made.

You can also do this in turn with different core markets like health, wealth, relationship, business, Bollywood or Hollywood, etc.

You can use any tool available on the internet to know the niches within any sub-market.

For example, here I am using the SEMRush tool. I searched here for a very big sub-market, Entrepreneurship.

how to find your niche in blogging with SEMRush

When you search any sub-market or keyword here, it will provide in front of you a ton of information related to it.

It gives you information about the popularity of that keyword, the search volume, and which sites are already ranked on that keyword. The most important thing is that it also shows a lot of other keywords ideas related to that keyword, which might be your blogging niche.

You can see in this screenshot how it brings you information related to your keywords:

how to choose blogging niche

You can see a ton of related keywords for your search keyword here.

It is amazing, Right!

4. Explore Micro Niches:

When you are ready with your specific Niche, but you feel like you are not prepared to write about anything in spite of having strong feelings. This can happen if the field you have chosen does not seem to be promising enough, or it is too broad.

If monetization or earning money is the main aim for you to starting your career in blogging, then this is the point you should focus on some micro-niche. The micro Niche will help you bring in some money through your blogging.

But what is Micro Niche?

Micro niches are the smallest category of any market.

As a market chain, core markets are the largest, sub-markets are smaller than that, then comes niches which are lower than sub-markets and then the micro-niches that are considered to be the smallest among all.

For Example, Health is a core market, Personal Care is sub-market under the Health and Fitness, Hair Care is the niche or sub-sub-market, and under the Hair Care niche, Hair Loss Treatment is the micro-niche.

Now understand through this small flow chart:

how to choose blogging niche

Micro Niches are considered to be the best for any monetization. If niches focus on a field, micro niches aim at a lower portion of the same area may be a kind of skill or so. Micro niches are known to make the base of your blogging career stronger.

If you are lucky enough, you can find yourself something profitable or anything that you can sell.

Questions That You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Niche:

When we buy clothes online, we check many things in our minds and mostly subconsciously. These questions include our color preferences, whether it will look good on us or not, where we will be wearing it, and so on.

So why not ask yourself some questions before you invest your effort and time blogging.

You must ask yourself questions because you will be spending some significant amount of time and effort, not only that you will also be hoping to make some progress in the Niche you have chosen.

So here, I’ve listed some questions that you must ask yourself before choosing a niche for blogging.

Question 1: Are you happy with the Niche you have chosen?

Are you happy with the Niche you have chosen?

The very first question that you must ask yourself is whether you are happy with the Niche you have chosen. Yes, you must be satisfied and satisfied with the Niche you have chosen.

Blogging is a creative field and the main thing that it asks for passion. If you do not have passion for the Niche you are about to start your blogging career on, then you will not go very far?

Thus, you need to be happy with the Niche you have chosen.

You need to feel that the niche you have chosen is the best niche ever, you should know why you are selecting this niche for blogging.

You should love your niche.

Question 2: Is there enough audience in the chosen niche?

After you have decided on what should I blog about, you must also determine whether there is enough audience for that Niche.

If the main aim of your blogging career is monetization, then you must need a vast audience.

To find out if your Niche has enough audience, you can check the current Google Trends.

For example, here I searched a keyword “anti-aging”. Now it will show the position of the search keyword through a graph.

You can see here whether the keyword term is trending right now or not. This graph will give you an idea of whether your niche has enough viewers or not and whether these audiences will remain in the coming days.

how to find your nich in blogging using google trand

You can also try checking the audience crowd with keyword research tools.

Like I have searched about a keyword here in SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool:

how to check audience crowd using semrush for choosing a perfect niche

As a result, you can see the number of audiences and the trend of the related keywords of this main keyword.

check trand of keyword in semrush for choosing a niche

If you see good search volume in the related keywords of the primary keyword (term) of your niche, then it means that there are enough viewers in your niche.

Question 3: How much competition is there in this niche, and how long will it take me to grow?

Many people have blogs based on various topics. Thus, the competition for any new blogger will be fierce because there might be thousands of millions of people who already have a blog on the same niche that you have chosen.

Don’t get it wrong; it’s a good thing to have more competition.

How is that good?

Think, if the competition is high in your niche, what the mean is? It clearly means that there are a ton of audiences in this niche, and earnings will be high.

If you want to make money from your blogging career, then you must keep in mind that your competition will be with giants, who occupy the first-page result of every search engine.

The competition is more on the base level, but as you go higher, you get the competitor’s number decreases. If you choose a niche with more significant competition, then you have to work harder.

Question 4: Is there enough market in this niche, and how much money can I earn in it?

Many bloggers at the beginning do not care whether their chosen niche is sufficient market or not, and later it proves to be their biggest mistake.

If you want to make money from your blog, then you must consider focusing on the niche that you have chosen, more. This will help you to make money further.

So how can you check if there is a good market in it?

This is very simple-

You have to look at your competitors in this niche, read their blogs carefully, see what they are promoting, how they are earning money.

They are making money through Advertisement on their blog or are they affiliate of any products, or are selling their own product or services.

This will give you an understanding of what you can do on your blog.

You can use some affiliate schemes for your Niche. This can be any product, services, or anything around your chosen market.

Here are some of the best affiliate market websites to earn money online, in which by signing up, you can affiliate marketing of almost any niche product.

Some Profitable Niche Ideas for Beginners

So you want to know about some profitable niche ideas from me.

Okay. I always look forward to helping you all the way.

When you focus on making money, then you should choose a valuable area, that is why I am going to tell you about some valuable niches here, maybe one of them will prove to be a gold mine for you.

Let’s start.

Profitable niche ideas under Health core market-

The health and fitness market is by far one of the fastest-growing markets.

According to a report by the Global Wellness Institute, in 2017, the global health and fitness industry was worth about $4.2 trillion ($4200 billion), which grew by 12.8% over 2015.

See the report.

Health industry size for choosin a profitable niche

And it is estimated that in the current year 2019, this figure is going to be 4.75 trillion dollars. You can see estimated stats here.

I think you must have understood how much potential is in the health market.

Let us now look at some of the niches within this market.

1. Weight Loss:

You all know that obesity is such a big problem in the whole world today, and when it is such a big problem, then obviously it’s market size will also be big.

You may have seen many times in a lot of advertisements on television about drugs to reduce obesity, often in the newspapers, many times you have seen about it on Youtube and blogs.

You can see an obesity repost by WHO Here.

Now you can also think yourself how much profitable niche it can be.

You can sell products related to this industry directly to your audience, or you can affiliate the others’ products on your blog.

You can see a lot of products on Amazon for the affiliate.

health products for affiliate

2. Specific Diets:

This niche also has a vast market area. There are many special topics within it as well, such as Keto Diet, Vegan, Raw Food, Paleo diet, etc.

Its vastness can be gauged from the fact that in the US alone, the health and wellness food industry is valued at $768.2 billion in 2019.


It is right.

You can make a very profitable blog in this niche.

3. Muscle building:

You must have seen that nowadays people are very conscious about their body, they do gymming and take various kinds of supplements to build their body.

You must have seen that there are many such channels related to bodybuilding on YouTube, which are growing very fast.

So what is the reason for their growth so fast?

The reason is that people like to build their bodies. And if people like it, then it can also become a golden opportunity for you.

You can find many such body building products on Amazon that you can promote on your blog.

Products on amazon for body building for choosing a niche

Apart from these, you can also get many profitable niches within the health market like Anti-aging, Diabetes, Arthritis, Back and neck pain, Hair loss, Skincare, etc.

Profitable niche ideas under Wealth core market-

In this field, there is a lot of abundance of topics, that you can focus on.

Over the past few years, as if there has been a flood of entrepreneurship in the world, many startups are starting these days, many people want to try their luck with their own business ideas. And this is the reason that for the past few years, the wealth market is also growing very fast.

So let’s know about some profitable niche under the wealth market too.

1. How to make money:

You must have read many blogs and watch many Youtube videos that teach you how to make money online, how to make money from A or B.

That’s why you are thinking of starting a blog of your own.

Isn’t it?

This niche is trending nowadays, as well as being very profitable.

In this niche, you can find hundreds of products that you can promote and generate a big income.

So go and start with this niche.

2. Personal Finance:

It also has a huge market such as how to make money.

You can write many banking and finance related articles in this niche, you can review the insurance company, you can sell health insurance and motor vehicle insurance, etc.

There are many companies also in the field of finance that gives you a big commission on selling their products.

So if you are well knowledgeable and interested in this field then you can start your profitable blog on this niche too.

Have you failed to find your blog niche yet?

Never mind, there is a gift for you in the next part.

So let’s get it.

100+ Profitable Niche Ideas So That You Can Start.

how to chose a perfect blog niche (100+ niche ideas)


We are at the end of the article.

I hope that it is going to give you a piece of great information to choose a profitable niche for your blog.

Just focus on the fact that whether or not you want to make money from your blogging, choose the Niche only by yourself.

This will help you go a long way in your blogging career.

Finding your niche in blogging is not that easy task to start with, but it is also unavoidable, so choose your Niche wisely!

Thanks! And Good Luck for your upcoming blogging journey.

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    Blog niche plays a vital role for growing the blog post and for making the blog post standout.You have listed helpful tips for selecting blog niche, whereas using these tips will helps many users to find out the suitable and perfect blog niche. Making the list of things in which we are interested and exploring the micro niches will helps a lot.

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