Best Blogging Tools I Use on BloggingExcel

I use these blogging tools on almost all of my sites, and Highly Recommend to all my BloggingExcel readers.

These Tools have Proved to be Very Helpful in Taking My Blog to the Next Level.

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Mishal Soni

Founder of BloggingExcel

Using the right tools to increase your blog or online business is the most important aspect, and it is a bit difficult to choose them. That’s why I have created a list of some tools here that I’ve used on my blogs, and they have proven very helpful for me. If you are also serious about your blog, then you should use these tools on your site.

Disclaimer: Some links in this page are my affiliate links. It means that if you buy any of them by clicking the link, then I will earn a small commission without costing you anything extra which will be in the form of a reward for the sake of my hard work.

My Recommended Top Blogging Tools & Resources to Grow Your Blog in 2019

1 SEMRush

SEMRush is my #1 all time favorite go-to tool for Keyword research, Backlink analysis, Competitor analysis, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO fixes. It means it helps me a lot to doing almost more than half of my blogging works.

We can say that SEMRush is like a Swiss army knife for your blog SEO.

All Blogging Excel readers can avail it for free for 7 days (as a trial). So Sign up for a free account and optimize your website SEO.

2 GeneratePress Theme

Generatepress the best theme ever for any kind of wordpress website

2 GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress Team knows how important is the performance for the success of any blog; that’s why the GeneratePress is the most lightweight theme ever.

The theme comes with a lot of customization options and is fully compatible with almost all major page builder plugins such as Elementor and Thrive Architect.

GeneratePress comes with both free and premium versions, and It is only up to you which version you choose for your blog.

P.S. Blogging Excel is also built with the GeneratePress premium theme; you can check its design and speed.

3 Elementor Pro Page Builder

elementor the best page builder

3 Elementor Pro Page Builder

Elementor Pro is the most advanced front end page builder plugin available in the market. I love to use this plugin because its drag and drop feature makes it very easy to design my pages. It’s fun to work with it.

It doesn’t take much space to design your page, which clearly means that it does not reduce the speed of your blog like the rest of the page builder plugins.

Elementor comes with free and paid both versions, but in its Pro version, you get many advanced features which are really mind-blowing.

4 Social Snap Plugin

Social Snap the best social share plugin for WordPress

4 Social Snap Plugin

I am a big fan of the Social Snap social share plugin. It gives a lot of shares to my blog posts, which generate a lot of social traffic to my blog.

Social Snap is my #1 recommendation to boost your blog on social media channels.

With it, you will find many options to show your social share button like- Inline buttons, Floating Sidebar, On image buttons, Share Hub, Sticky bar, etc. 

You also get lots of features with it like social followers, click to tweet, social login, and much more. Must try it.

5 Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math - Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO

5 Rank Math SEO Plugin

Today who doesn’t know that SEO is the best and long-term source for getting traffic of any website. And Rank Math only works for this, it optimizes your blog for SEO so that your blog post can rank on the first page of search engine.

I know that you might be thinking that when there are SEO plugins like Yoast in the market, why the rank meth?

Rank Math Plugin is created by a big player of WordPress industry MyThemeShop. In this plugin, you get a lot of features that are even not available in the premium version of Yoast plugin, like you get post Optimization Up to 5 Keywords, Advanced Redirection Manager, Internal Linking Suggestions, Automated Image SEO, Nofollow All External Links, and many more.

With it, you will get rid of installing a lot of plugins like for sitemap, for redirection, for analytics, etc. Must try it.

6 Grammarly

Grammarly is a chrome extension that helps us to avoid grammar-related mistakes while writing. I have been using it for a very long time and can say that without it, I can’t even think about blogging.

It not only tells you mistakes related to grammar but also gives you tips on what to write in place of any wrong word or sentence.

It is not that it only helps you to write your articles, it is also compatible with almost every app on which you do the work of writing like email, social media, google docs, etc.

If you use its premium version, you also get features like plagiarism checker in which you can check the originality of your article. So, must try this awesome tool.

7 Jetpack by

Jetpack all in one plugin

7 Jetpack by

In this era of the internet, we all know how much security matters to a site. And if it comes to WordPress security, then there is no other option better than Jetpack.

It is created by Automattic, the same company that has created WordPress. So there is no doubt it is fully compatible with your WordPress site.

In its free version, you will get some basic features like Brute force attack protection, Downtime monitoring, Unlimited image hosting, Lazy loading images, Stats and related content, Automated social media posting, etc.

But if you are thinking to use its premium version, then you will get a lot of advanced security features with free features like Daily automated backup, Automated spam filtering, Automated malware scanning, Automatic security fixes, SEO preview tools, Google Analytics integration, etc.

I’m Using its Premium version and can say that it is the best all-in-one plugin over the internet.

8 Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet anti spam tool

8 Akismet Anti-Spam

Comment Spamming is the biggest problem of every blogger today, that can’t be stopped, but it can be overcome by filtering. Akismet does the same.

It is a free plugin by Automattic. Akismet checks every single comment posted on your site in its global database so that no malicious comments are published on your site that contains harmful links for your website.

After checking the comments, it does not delete it directly, but based on its investigation, it puts them into the spam folder and main comment folder, from where you can also check it manually.

I have been using this plugin for a long time and know-how well it is protecting my site from spam comments. If you also want to protect your site from spam comments then must use it.

9 VaultPres (Jetpack Backup)

VaultPress best baclup and security plugin for wordpress

9 VaultPres (Jetpack Backup)

VaultPress is a most powerful real-time Backup and Security Plugin for WordPress site, designed by Automattic. VaultPress protects you from the most common and most serious security threats like Hackers attack, Host failure, Viruses, User error, Malware, Exploits, etc.

I use this plugin to take regular backup of my site. It automatically backup your website regularly and uploads it to their own server. It is also very easy to restore the backup made by this, you can restore it with just one click.

VaultPress is now powered by Jetpack, it means that if you take the premium version of Jetpack, you will also get VaultPress premium account for free.

10 WP-Rocket

Wp Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin for WordPress ever, it is not only recommended by me, but almost all WordPress experts also recommend it.

WP-Rocket works to improve your site’s SEO and UX by reducing the loading time of your website and increasing website performance with the help of its various features like Page & Browser Caching, Cache & Sitemap Preloading, GZIP Compression, Database Optimization, Javascript HTML & CSS Minification, CDN integration, and many more.

I’ve been using it for a long time and can say it’s an amazing tool. If you take it now, you can get a discount of 10%, for that you need to sign up their newsletter.

11 Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the best email lead capture plugins for WordPress available in the market. If you are planning to create an email list on your blog, then in your blogging lools list must have the Thrive Leads plugin.

With the Thrive Leads plugin, you can create various conversion-optimized email pop-ups like – Screen filler, Scroll Mat, Content Lock, Yes/No & Multiple Choice Forms, 2-Step Opt-In Form, Sticky Ribbon, etc.

There are many more advanced options available with Thrive Leads that help you increase your email list very speed, like- Drag & Drop form design, A/B Testing, Advanced Targeting option, Smart Links (for existing subscribers), and many more.

12 ConvertKit

Email marketing is one of the main aspects of blogging, through which you not only get instant traffic on your blog, but you can also increase your income as well as establish a community with your customers.

You can capture email leads on your blog using a plugin like Thrive Leads, but to manage that email list, you must have a powerful email marketing tool, and it can be ConvertKit.

I have recently started using this email marketing tool, and I have seen its amazing results. It allows you to complete your email marketing campaigns very easily. If you wish, you can try it for FREE for 30 days by signing up with our link.

13 Canva

I receive a lot of messages every day of my blog readers, in which a lot of readers ask me what tool I use to create my featured images and other images. My answer is always that I use Canva for this.

In this tool, you get hundreds of thousands of royalty-free images and vectors, which you can use in your graphic freely. There are many features in this tool, through which you can create any kind of graphic, charts, infographics, etc. you like.

Must try this amazing tool to create images and infographics for your blog.

14 Google Docs

Writing your blog posts directly in the WordPress editor is a bit difficult task, that is the reason why most of my writing work is done in Google Docs, whether it’s blog writing or an eBook writing.

The best thing to do with Google Docs is that its interface is absolutely clean, in which you can write up to hours without straying. And it automatically saves your all works even if you forgot to save it.

I highly recommend all of my readers to use this tool for writing your blog post.

🔥 Deals 🔥

Best Hosting Deals for You

1 Bluehost Hosting

bluehost hosting deal

1 Bluehost Hosting

If you are looking for one of the cheapest but the most reliable hosting for your blog, then the Bluehost is the only option for you. Bluehost is in the market of hosting since 1996 when there was very little or no Internet sources available. And after such a long journey, it is powering more than 2 million* websites all over the world.

I am using this hosting on 3 of my sites, and I am completely happy with its result. If you ask me which is the best hosting to start blogging, then I will always recommend Bluehost. It is not only my #1 choice, but WordPress itself also recommends to use this hosting.

2 Siteground Hosting

Siteground the best hosting for wordpress site

2 Siteground Hosting

If you are looking for an ultra-fast hosting in a small budget, then Siteground is the best option for you. Its speed is incomparable as a cheap hosting.

Siteground offers you a lot of features like Free CDN, HTTP/2 support, SSD Storage, 99.9% uptime guarantee, one-click WordPress installation, and many more.

If you are just starting your blogging career, then you can not have a better option than it. Highly Recommended! Just grab it with 60% Discount now.

3 WPX Hosting

If you are looking for a super-fast hosting and able to afford it, then I would strongly recommend you to go with this hosting company.

WPX offers you a lot of features with their hosting like- free migrations, free SSL, free backups, PHP 7.x, HTTPS/2 support, custom CDN, etc. Their customer services are superb, they claim that they will fix any problems related to hosting on your site for free.

According to G2 Crowd and Trustpilot, WPX hosting is the #1 top-rated hosting company, in which it has left behind the biggest hosting companies. It is my highly recommended Hosting.

Best Blogging Tools I Use on BloggingExcel
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